Dec 12, 2020


For just over 30 years now, Robert Hausladen from our Annandale location has provided our customers with fantastic professional propane delivery and service.  Throughout these years, many things have changed in the propane industry, but one thing that has not changed is Robert’s commitment.  One of Robert’s attributes is the care he gives to his delivery truck. 

Robert understands the importance of safety, DOT Fleet Rating, public image, and longevity as it relates to his truck.  His truck inspection and repair paperwork are second to none as is his cab cleanliness.  When something just does not seem right with his truck, he promptly reaches out to his manager to address the concerns, so the minor issue doesn’t become a major costly repair saving our cooperative so many dollars over the life of the truck.  Job well done Robert, thank you.

With all of that said, and in appreciation of Robert’s commitment, on December 10th He was rewarded with a brand new 2021 Peterbilt 337, Unit #556 Bobtail decked out with our new “Pride in the USA” theme.  Robert’s actions all these years made him an easy choice to receive this truck.  Thank you, Robert, for your continued service, we know you will enjoy the very latest in propane delivery technology with this truck, you have earned it, thank you again.

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Jan 10, 2017
Federated Co-ops, Inc., requires growers to annually update or renew their Product Service Policy (PSP) before crop protection can be purchased or applied each spring.

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