About Us


Our people really care. Federated employees are often called high quality, friendly, professional, knowledgeable. They’re good people and they’re your neighbors, too. That’s a major point that differentiates Federated Co-ops from other businesses today. We live alongside you, and we take a personal interest in your life.

We offer our customers trusted products. Federated sells only dependable, safe, durable products and we deliver top value for your money. On top of that, you can always trust us to stand behind our products and services.


No matter what changes and challenges you face, you can always count on your co-op as a reliable source of the products you need at a reasonable price. We negotiate the wholesale prices and handle the logistics to make sure farmers have a reliable source of fertilizer and other production inputs so they can concentrate on producing food. And as the 18th largest propane company in the U.S., we procure and store enough propane to ensure that your home, shop, or farm has the energy it needs.

We’re knowledgeable, and we’re local. And since we’re locally owned by the people who do business with us, we’re here to stay.  These qualities add up to the Federated Co-ops Brand Vision and Brand Promise:

People who care. Products you trust. Value for life.


Federated Invests to Bring You Benefits

Agronomy, feed, petroleum, and propane form the roots of Federated Co-ops Inc. Our legacy and common heritage generated a cooperative that cares deeply for its member-owners. They reap the benefits of our investments in property, mergers and partnerships that spread risks, reduce costs, and improve supply reliability.


To provide a constant supply of propane we invested in a rail terminal in Cambridge in 2001. That facility provided a constant supply to all 25 Federated propane plants through recent dramatic shortages at head-of-pipeline truck terminals. Our 2007 merger with CAP-Trico Oil and Propane increased Federated propane sales by 30% and substantially increased the rail terminal’s value.

C-Stores and Country Stores

The increase in hobby farms, or lifestyle agriculture, offers significant opportunities to serve a wider clientele and increase sales volume. Your C-Stores and country stores meet growing consumer demand. And to make your stores the bright, clean, modern establishments that this growing non-traditional market demands, we’ve invested substantially in canopies, pumps, and buildings.

Fuel & Oil

We also shifted our petroleum division to improve efficiency and reliability by combining three bulk refined-fuels plants into a single facility at Ogilvie. Facilities in Pine City and the upgraded Cambridge location add efficiency, including tanks for biofuels, and they also meet current environmental requirements.


Federated added substantial new dry fertilizer storage to expand inventory to accommodate customers whether they buy during the year-end pre-buy season or during spring planting.

Animal Feeds

Our purchase of 10% interest in Munson Lakes Nutrition in Howard Lake has helped us hold down costs of most feed products during the recent dramatic increases in grain prices.

Leadership Teams & Board Of Directors

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