Policies and FAQ


There are two options for ordering propane.

If you wish to order propane by phoning your propane order, you may call your local office whose phone number is indicated on the location page of this website. You may also order online. You should order when your tank float gauge reads between 25% and 35% to allow us enough time to make your delivery. We usually can deliver your propane within 4 working days,  although during the heating season the delivery time can be longer depending on weather conditions, delivery volume & other factors.


We must leak test the propane system whenever there is an interruption of service such in an out of gas situation, changing a gas appliance, changing a regulator, etc. We provide one free leak test per customer. You may be charged for additional leak tests beyond the one free test. For additional information on leak testing, see  http://propane101.com/leaktest.htm.


Letting your propane tank run empty can be a dangerous situation.

The tank may have run out because of a gas leak. The pressure change also stresses the pipe joint compound. The service valve on the supply tank should be turned off if the tank runs empty. Care must be used when the appliances are placed back into service. We will not deliver to an out of gas situation unless the homeowner is present to allow us to perform a leak test, inspect the appliances, and put the appliances back into service. There may be additional charges for this service. Should this situation occur often, we may discontinue service to your site.


If you need emergency after hours service, please call your local office who will have a recorded message indicating the contact number of whom you may contact. The minimum fee for after-hours service is $250. All fees and charges need to be paid to our employee at the time this service is provided.


To promote delivery efficiency which keeps our price of propane as low as possible, we require the following minimum delivery amounts:

  • 500 gallons in a 1,000 gallon tank
  • 275 gallons in a 500 gallon tank
  • Complete fills at 35% or less for 325, 250, and 124 gallon tanks.