Jan 23, 2017

Raquel Ulmer has been promoted to be the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the co-op. This promotion is in recognition for her outstanding leadership of our financial function with in the co-op.  Raquel has outstanding institutional knowledge with the co-op and she has a great ability to navigate the complexity of our business with both our internal and external partners. Raquel is very well respected by all the financial institutions we do business with, as well as the many different co-ops that we are partners with. It is critical to have a financial leader that has the highest standards of integrity and trust to insure we never have any issues or concerns. Raquel sets the standards for integrity and trust. 

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Apr 29, 2024
In honor of Mike Meelberg  December 20, 1958 - April16, 2024
Oct 27, 2023

On October 27th we celebrated Joe Reece's 30 year anniversary!

Oct 27, 2023
John Kliniski celebrated 25 years on October 27th! 

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