Sep 22, 2021

Employee News

Propane Location Manager, Jim Gutzwiller, celebrated 35 years with the co-op this month. In the attached picture, Mark Grave congratulated Jim for his hard work and dedication to the team. He started his career on a route out of St. Michael. His first truck held 2500 gallons and he would average over 26 stops a day. Jim said he didn’t know anything about propane when he started. He didn’t even have a propane BBQ tank.  He has sure learned a great deal over the last 35 years, and he has shared that knowledge with so many.

Jim is great leader for the team. He is always willing to help anywhere he can with any team. He truly embraces the Power of One.  He will always do what is right for the patrons, the co-op and his people.

Please join me in congratulating Jim for his 35 years. The co-op is lucky to have him on the team.

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