Nov 15, 2016

Al Johnson celebrated 33 years with Federated and 40 years in the Propane business on November 1, 2016.  Al is a true role model for all Federated employees for his dedication and commitment to great customer service.  His customers know they can count on Al to deliver their propane no matter what the weather brings. He has worked in the McGrath area for all of his 40 years.  His positive attitude is a real inspiration to all who come in contact with him. In the pictures, he is being recognized by his manager, Jim Gutzwiller, for his service and his team mates for setting the example for all. A big thank you to Al for all he does to make the Co-op a great place to work.


Left to Right: Stephanie Bergstad - 24 Yrs, Sheldon Stay - 29 Yrs, Jim Gutzwiller - 30 Yrs, Brian Renstrom - 19 Yrs, Ron Kiel - 14 Yrs, Gary Folkestad - 25 Yrs, Al Johnson - 33 Yrs, Scott Okeson - 2 Yrs, Steve Karsky - 19 Yrs, Todd Hall - 4 Yrs.

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Jun 10, 2024
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Oct 27, 2023

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