What are You Planning for?

Dec 12, 2022

Time to make plans for 2023 as 2022 closes.
Harvest is done and it’s easy to want to sit back and relax, but from a farm management perspective, it’s time to look at the yield data and recommendations, look at what products are available, and lay out initial plans for 2023.
Kevin Carlson, Federated’s agronomy sales manager, said “We need to look at crop protection products, hybrid and variety selection, and fertilizer.”
“We also need to get field maps updated with the changes, year over year, and make corrections on the FieldAlytics app that [Federated] will use for custom application,” he said. Determine (at least as a good starting point) what crops will be planted and where they will be planted.
Not only will this planning make spring go more smoothly, but it will help ensure product availability when the new season arrives. “It’s important for us to have done as much planning as possible,” said Carlson. That helps with product procurement now, getting Federated’s warehouses stocked with the products growers want, in sufficient quantities.
“Today we are already refilling our fertilizer plants,” he said. “For example, we will be hauling in 150-160 truckloads of potash alone,” replenishing supplies following this fall’s fertilizer applications.
Federated puts three dynamics into play throughout the season: the right products, at the right place, at the right time. “If any of one of those three aren’t in place, it’s problematic,” said Carlson.
Federated needs product “in the building” when growers need it, “not down in the cities, not down the river, not in New Orleans, not waiting to be manufactured,” he said. And to make that possible, Federated Agronomists and growers need to make plans together. Calculating needs ahead of time is an important step in the process, too.
Challenges will occur, such as supply issues and fluctuating prices, but good planning can preempt some of the most difficult situations. “The planning piece [of crop management] is a win-win for the grower and Federated,” Carlson said.
So as “harvest wraps up and pre-pay comes into play, contact us,” he said. Carlson recommends making an appointment because “good planning can take time” – but don’t wait until the last minute. December 31st will be here before you know it.

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