Watch the Yields, Order the Seed

Nov 07, 2022

corn yields predict seed demand for coming season
As this year’s crops come off the field, remember that “if you are seeing [good] yields off certain varieties, make sure you lock in [that seed] for next year as soon as possible,” said Cody Lezer, Ogilvie’s location manager.
As it goes, if a specific variety of corn or soybeans is performing well on your field, it’s probably doing well on other fields around the region too. The earlier you place orders for 2023, the better.
Plus, “the best pricing is right now,” said Lezer. And “there will be a price increase after the first week of January,” he added, noting that deadline allows growers to pay on either this year’s or next year’s taxes.
There are no brand-specific deadlines at this point in the season; the earliest deadlines are past.
Lezer said that the new hybrids – “the latest and greatest” – have limited seed supply and are harder to find. The same is true for some of the older, proven varieties because seed becomes less and less available as the hybrid/variety is replaced by newer ones.
However, “we are more than likely to be able to find what growers are looking for,” he said, when growers get seed ordered between now and early January.
Discuss your seed options and needs with your Federated Agronomist soon. The “early birds” get the best seed – and the best prices.

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