Two Ag Lime Choices for Fall Application

Sep 12, 2023

SuperCal98G pellets offer a quick fix for lime needs.
Federated offers two different products to help correct pH levels with fall applications: ag lime and pelleted SuperCal98G.
Ag lime is the traditional choice, an unprocessed, ground product that offers calcium and, depending upon the quarry from which it comes, magnesium. Ag lime lasts longer in the soil than a pelleted version.
SuperCal98G is a pelletized lime that has been processed into a “quick fix” option when fields need pH help right away, according to Ron Paulson, Federated’s Isanti location manager. It gets into the soil more quickly than traditional ag lime. It is also an effective option in a maintenance program of consistent ag lime applications over the years.
The rate for pelleted lime such as SuperCal98G™ is from 200 to 500 lbs./ac. while ag lime is spread at 1 to 4 tons/ac. “Ag lime is a lot cheaper,” said Paulson. But both products have their place in crop nutrition management.
Lime application rates should be based on soil tests to determine what’s actually needed in every field. Talk to your Federated Agronomist to schedule soil testing and/or fall applications of either ag lime or SuperCal98G.

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