Time Flies . . . and Then It's Spring

Nov 29, 2023

Soybean harvest ends for 2023
While it seems there’s plenty of time to kick back and relax after harvest, “time flies,” said Ron Paulson, Federated’s Isanti location manager. “It’s already November – and it was just July!”
It’s time to make plans for 2024 now, especially when tax considerations for pre-buying seed and other crop inputs come into play.
Crop and farm planning at this point in the year should focus on seed variety selection and pre-ordering. “The top producing varieties will be gone by spring,” said Paulson. The early bird gets the best . . . seed!
“Lock in both corn and soybeans now,” he said. And then, think about pre-buying fertilizer (mostly based on your farm’s tax liabilities – supply is not an issue at this point in the season.)
And then sit down and talk to your Federated Agronomist about your broader crop management plans – especially custom application and other services from Federated Co-ops. The more your agronomist knows in advance, the smoother things will go in the spring. Any agronomy recommendations laid out in advance will help keep things running smoothly in the new growing season.
A good amount of field work has been completed this fall, which will help avoid spring backups, and “you can think you have plenty of time,” said Paulson. “But before you know it, it’ll be the first of April!”
Give your Federated Agronomist a call soon.

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