Discovery Plot Observations, and Many Thanks

Sep 12, 2022

The 2022 Discovery Plot tours showcased new seed products.
“Mother nature doesn’t always cooperate but she did a nice job during the week of our Discovery Plot tours,” said Scott Nelson, Federated’s director of agronomy. “The weather was really good, the steaks were really good, and the fellowship was even better!”
“One of our goals for the Discovery Plots is to collect data and rank crops on things like yield and test weight. This information is used to help us evaluate what works in different parts of our territory, in different soil types, and with different farming practices,” Nelson said.
“But,” he went on to say, “I think the exercise of gathering local farmers, having a good meal and good table discussions is invaluable … being able to speak with your neighbor – whether about local topics or solving ‘all the world’s problems’ – that’s equally important.”
Three groups of people make our Discovery Plot program successful:
  1. Farmers – like you!
  2. Our five cooperators who host these events (Iisted below), and
  3. Federated employees – in particular, the agronomy team.
This year’s plot cooperators:
Gustafson Farm (Craig and Janet, Neil)
KGL Farm (Jason Holmstrom)
Patnode Dairy (Daryl and Andrew)
Wilhelm Farm (Larry and Sharon)
Paul Bostrom Farm
Thank you to everyone involved in our Discovery Plot program. Watch for plot results this fall, which will be published in the Agronomy Update and posted on Federated’s website. With heat unit accumulation at or slightly above average this year, the plots are maturing well and plot results should be available in the typical autumn timeframe.
“If you have any comments or suggestions for next year’s Discovery Plot events, please let me (Scott Nelson) know.”
Contact your Federated Agronomist with any questions the tour presentations raised.

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