SuperU Protects N

Apr 12, 2023

SuperU helps protect nitrogen against loss.
SuperU® fertilizer is insurance against losing valuable nitrogen through volatilization, leaching, and/or denitrification. With its urease and nitrification inhibitors, SuperU helps crops use nitrogen better to boost yields more.

According to Ron Paulson, Federated’s Isanti location manager, SuperU is “good for an early, pre-plant application, and then in a sidedress application.”
When applied pre-plant, SuperU provides above- and below-ground protection, helping prevent nitrogen volatilization. With sidedressing, Paulson said, “you apply a certain percentage of urea along with SuperU to help nitrogen last even later into the season” by preventing leaching and volatilization. (Talk to your Federated Agronomist to determine the urea percentages.)
In a split-application scenario, the preplant fertilizer should be worked in. Then, “sidedress once the corn is about a foot tall,” Paulson said.
SuperU offers:
  • 46% “readily available nitrogen in a stabilized urea-based granule”;
  • completely soluble nitrogen, ready for plant uptake;
  • “finished granules” that are not “sticky or gummy” and are easy to broadcast in even spread patterns;
  • N-TEGRATION™ Technology – a process that ensures nitrogen is “uniformly integrated within every single granule” of the product;
  • an average of 16 bu./ac. higher yield (compared to corn fertilized with untreated urea).
Protect your nitrogen fertilizer investment with SuperU this spring. Talk to your Federated Agronomist with questions or to order SuperU.

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