Stress Will Test the Hybrids

Jul 11, 2023

tassels poking through
This growing season, with its high temps and low moisture, is a good test for the hybrids planted in Federated’s Discovery Plots. “We have new corn hybrids, and we are seeing how they compare,” said Kevin Carlson, Federated’s agronomy sales manager.
Plots make it easy to see how the corn can handle stress, which this year is drought stress. “Most of the plots look pretty good, Carlson noted.
This year’s Discovery Plots Days (in late August) will prove valuable when it’s possible to see how some of the new products fare, such as Brevant® 93V26AM, Dekalb® 45-35, and NK® 9231. All of these hybrids were rated highly by their producers. The plot results will further test their ratings.
Watch for more info on new seed products and details on Discovery Plot Days. Keep in touch with your Federated Agronomist in the meantime.

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