Stifle That Feisty Little Voice

Jun 13, 2022

You may wonder where you can cut expenses this year. A feisty little voice in your head says to cut those “expensive” additives because “they don’t do anything anyway.”
You argue back that corn prices are really high, maybe more than $7 per bushel, and you need to max out the bushels per acre with the right additive.
That feisty little voice doesn’t get it. In a year of high input costs but similarly high commodity prices, adding a layer of protection to your crop investment makes good sense.
Factor® Plus is like an “insurance policy” for your crop. You can “use it with any surface applied urea or UAN, at any time,” said Tim Stelter, manager at Federated’s Osceola location. Factor Plus protects the nitrogen (N) for up to 14 days – and that fact has been proven in dozens of replicated trials showing “an average 6.3 bu./ac. advantage over unprotected N, 83.3% of the time.”
Stelter noted that the Natural Resources Conservations Service (NRCS) recognizes Factor Plus as a proven and effective urease inhibitor. (Urease is the bacteria in the soil that makes the nitrogen volatilize.)
Federated’s mixers can impregnate Factor Plus on urea, thoroughly coating it to maximize its effectiveness.
Talk to your Federated Agronomist to order yield-building, N-protecting Factor Plus. And stifle that feisty little voice!

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