Skip the Mixing and Get the Package

Mar 15, 2023

A premium Enliven adjuvant package keeps it simple.
Are you tired of all the jugs, mixing orders, water conditioners, and adjuvant decisions?

Craig Loen, Federated’s Osceola agronomist, offered a way to keep it simple: Get the package. Specifically, “Enliven™, a premium adjuvant package fueled by ‘Yield Burst™ technology,’ a biological stimulant.”
Enliven is an “industry-first, yield-increasing adjuvant” (surfactant) and superior water conditioner in one jug. It also includes drift reduction technology to improve safety even further.
Enliven gets the herbicide to the plant, on the plant, and in the plant.
Enliven provides other plant derived “crop enhancement” components: HPG polymers that maximize canopy penetration and coverage, and minimize drift.
Herbicide applications stress the crop and the weeds as they metabolize the chemicals. The result is a “plant factory that slows down,” said Loen. Yield Burst technology provides food for the plants in the form of amino acids that “keep the plant factory running.” Thus, plant stress is reduced, and yield potential increased.
Because the weeds are also fed by Enliven, they become better targets for the herbicides. Herbicides penetrate weeds through their leaves and allow the chemical to translocate through the plants to kill or suppress them.
With Enliven, Loen said, “it’s one jug, no plastic bags to measure out.” And the simple rate of 16 oz./ac. doesn’t change based on the volume of water/carrier per acre. Federated offers Enliven in 2.5 gal. jugs – and in bulk as well. (Always read and follow label directions.)
Loen noted a couple additions to the “one jug” of Enliven: 1) Liberty® herbicide needs an additional 2 lbs./ac. of AMS (water conditioner) added to the tank, and 2) Clethodim, often used for grass or volunteer corn control in soybeans, needs an added crop oil concentrate.
Enliven can simplify herbicide applications in your fields this season. Talk to your Federated Agronomist to learn more.

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