Sign Your 2023 PSP Today

Feb 28, 2023

Make sure you have a signed PSP on file with Federated.
Spring isn’t far off and your updated Product Service Policy (PSP) needs to be signed and on file with Federated before applicators and sprayers hit your fields.
If you haven’t already discussed this important document with your Federated Agronomist, you will be contacted soon, but you don’t need to wait for a call: Download this form, print and sign it, then contact your Federated Agronomist to review it so you are ready for custom fertilizer, herbicide, and pesticide applications this year.
The PSP clearly explains what customers can expect from Federated and what Federated expects from customers. The PSP is an effective tool that keeps everyone on the same page, according to Scott Nelson, Federated’s director of agronomy.
Your signed PSP supports the partnership between you and your co-op. Contact your Federated Agronomist to get set for spring.

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