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Jan 10, 2024

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We’re already in the second week of the new year, and spring decision making should be top of mind. This slower time of year is a “great time to chat with your agronomist,” said Karson Schoening, Federated ag sales rep at the Ogilvie location.
Aside from talking through this past year as a whole – what went well and what didn’t go so well in 2023 – your Federated Agronomist needs to know what’s happening on your farm going into 2024.
Schoening noted these important questions to answer:
  • What changes have been made to your fields?
    • Did you make any boundary changes that need to be updated on Federated’s FieldAlytics® platform?
    • Do you have new fields to add, fields to delete? FieldAlytics is used for dispatching all Federated services. If the maps aren’t right, there’s the possibility that applications won’t go as planned. Keep the info current.
  • How’s your budget coming along?
  • What plans have you made for fertilizer, seed, and crop protection?
    • Orders need to be in soon – if they haven’t already been placed – for 2024 crop inputs. Fertilizer orders are particularly important at this point in the year.
It’s easy to hibernate awhile in winter, but spring will arrive with its usual burst of busyness. Chat soon with your Federated Agronomist so you’re ready for anything the 2024 growing season throws your way.

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