Remember to Allow Lead Time on Services

Apr 25, 2023

Sidedressing N as part of a split-application plan makes good sense for managing N needs.
“The more notice Federated gets for services, the better,” said Brad Hipsag, Federated ag sales rep at the Ogilvie location.
“The more in advance we can know of a grower’s need, the more timely we can be. It helps us schedule and be more efficient,” he added.
For fertilizer, provide a least one day’s notice. At the end of each day, the next day is mapped out as Federated works to serve all growers. Changing that plan is very difficult. “It’s not likely we can get there the same day you call in,” Hipsag said.
For spraying pre-emerge beans, there’s a strict three-day window, so “let us know the day before you’re planting so we can be out there [to apply herbicides] in that window,” said Hipsag. “That makes my window ‘four days,’ and we can get out there.”
If you know you are going to be planting on a specific day – for example, when the weather forecast is clear for multiple days running – don’t wait to call to schedule pre-emerge applications. Give Federated as much notice as possible. “The better notice, the better service we can provide,” Hipsag said.
For bulk starter fertilizer or pull-type spreader delivery, Federated can typically deliver the same day. “If you call in the morning and say you need it by 5 p.m., odds are that we will get it there,” he said, “but please don’t expect one-hour turnaround.”
Federated’s goal is provide efficient and timely service for everyone. Your calls in advance will help. Contact your Federated Agronomist anytime as the season progresses.

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