Biostimulants Boost Energy, Mitigate Stress

May 23, 2022

Enliven illustration link to fact sheet
“Biostimulants maximize crop efficiencies by supplying more energy to the [soybean] crop,” said Don Lamker, Federated agronomy sales rep serving Rush City and Ogilvie.
Federated recommends biostimulant products with the YieldBurst® technology. While biostimulants are relatively newer products, their effectiveness is being consistently proven in the field and through crop trials and ongoing research.
Lamker stated that Enliven™, the first biostimulant with YieldBurst technology, not only provides additional energy to the plant through amino acids that “encourage plant growth,” but it also helps reduce drift (with guar), it conditions the water, and offers “coverage technology” to keep the product on target. (See May 10 article on adjuvants, including Enliven.)
Enliven will fit best where you need a non-ionic surfactant with drift control; it’s a “really nice, convenient premix,” said Kevin Carlson, Federated’s agronomy sales manager. “A great example is to mix Enliven with Halex® GT or Acuron® GT,” he said, to add a “surfactant, guar, AMS, and ‘biological.’”
YieldBurst technology was designed to mitigate stress – the effects of heat, cold/frost, moisture, insects, and disease.
Federated also recommends two other biostimulants products, Legend Elite™ and Mitigate Plus®, to help reduce crop stress.
Legend Elite provides an energy boost with its amino acids that are designed to maximize nutrient absorption even as it delivers another set of nutrients (7% N - 1% K - 3% S - 2% Mn - 1% Fe - 2% Z) at a point in the growing season when nutrients are not otherwise being added. It provides foliar nutrition to boost yields.
Mitigate Plus does not provide additional nutrients, but “it is a great product, sprayed later … tank mixed with foliar applications … on the second-pass, post-emerge herbicide application,” said Carlson.
The “energy-boosting amino acids” in these biostimulants are all storable, Carlson noted. Even if the plants don’t need them at the time they are applied, the amino acids are stored in the plant for use when stressors hit.
With crop prices as high as they are,” said Lamker, “anything you can do to protect the crop is good … to help the plant get through [the stressful] time.” He noted that the protection provided by the biostimulants can translate into improved corn yields of 3-4 bu./ac.
Talk to your Federated Agronomist for further info on these crop protection products.

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