Records and Resources: The Basics of 2022 Crop Planning

Jan 10, 2022

FieldAlytics farm records
Good records and well-identified resources take top priority for crop planning in conjunction with Federated’s agronomy services. Kevin Carlson, Federated’s agronomy sales manager, and Don Lamker Federated’s agronomy sales rep for the Rush City and Ogilvie locations, offered these valuable perspectives on getting 2022 plans in place.
Start by updating your records with Federated, according to Carlson. Which fields will be in production in 2022? What are their names/identifiers and locations? What crops are going into each field? Are fields from the past out of production? What’s changed and what’s remained the same?
Your Federated Agronomist is ready to update and/or gather these records into FieldAlytics, the new software Federated recently acquired to better manage field data, maps, crop and crop protection recommendations, and critical application information. With FieldAlytics, all field records are easily accessible and highly manageable. (FieldAlytics will also connect with Federated’s new Merchant Ag software to create better flow, process, and tracking to further benefit growers through seamless account management.)
“Once we get through updating field [records] for the year, documenting the changes, then we get down to the crop planning part,” said Carlson.
Identifying your resources is basic to crop planning: seed, seed treatments, nutrients, and crop protection/chemistry.
“This is the best time of year to be locking up seed for 2022,” said Lamker. “Purchases at this time of year lock in the best pricing and ensures that seed you want will be available come spring.”
“It’s important to put a number on seed costs in your budget,” said Carlson. Seed prices are generally flat, but as other input costs rise, careful budgeting can protect your return on investment.
Rising fertilizer prices, of which “everyone is aware,” said Carlson, make nutrient management a critical aspect of 2022 planning. Communicate early and often with Federated when outlining and scheduling custom fertilizer applications.
It’s also important in this “unique year due to supply shortages,” said Lamker, to work through crop protection price and availability. This year will be challenging with regard to product availability, especially for glyphosate and glufosinate. Talk to your Federated Agronomist “so we can make sure the products you need are available when you want them,” he said.
And don’t forget financing options as a key way to manage your resources. Prepay and other financing options, through CFA, John Deere, or Rabo, can help keep crop budgets in order. Talk to Federated’s Business Service Specialist for more information.
As the new growing season draws closer, your Federated Agronomists are ready to help manage your records and resources to move your crops to higher yields and greater profitability. Remember to keep the communication lines open as you make your 2022 plans!

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