Pre-Emerge Products Set Up All-Season Weed Control

Mar 13, 2024

early season corn sprayed with pre-emerge herbicides
On corn—
Acuron is the best pre-emerge product on corn (the “Cadillac” of pre-emerge herbicides for corn). It offers multiple modes of action and strong residual. There are “a lot of groceries” in the Acuron bag, according to Kevin Carlson, Federated’s agronomy sales manager. “You get what you pay for,” he said, and Acuron is an “excellent starting point that is also very safe on the crop.”
Palace™ II offers dual modes of action with a degree of residual. As Carlson said, “It’s a good Chevy pick-up with a Chevy price – but it’s a great pre-emerge product that is safe on corn.
On soybeans—
Sonic® is Federated’s leading product recommendation for pre-emerge on soybeans, according to Carlson. Sonic is a dry formulation premix. It’s especially good on waterhemp and giant ragweed.
Antares® Prime is a liquid formulation; this generic herbicide has the same two active ingredients as Sonic. Both Sonic and Antares Prime are best applied in a tank mix with TriCor™ “to pick up even more weeds,” said Carlson. TriCor rate: 6 oz./ac. with either Antares Prime or Sonic.
Note: Neither of these products is recommended for sandy soils. For sands, Federated recommends Enlite®.
See these product fact sheets and links for more info:
Acuron | Palace II | Sonic | Antares Prime | TriCor | Enlite
Talk to your Federated Agronomist to determine what’s best for your fields as you plan pre-emerge applications this season.

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