Post-Emerge Soybean Herbicides for the Yields

Feb 28, 2023

Good herbicide applications can protect soybean yields.
Federated consistently preaches the value of a good pre-emerge soybean herbicide. But then, “28 days after the pre was applied,” said Matt Kurtz, “it’s time to layer on the extra residual” – the post-emerge herbicides.

As Federated’s Rush City location manager, Kurtz has seen growers avoid pre-emerge applications and then struggle to get successful weed control with their post-emerge herbicides.

“We don’t live in that world anymore,” he said. The years of spraying glyphosate and being happy with the results are over; giant ragweed and waterhemp make that reality increasingly true.

“By not doing a pre-emerge application, nutrients and water are being denied to the little seedlings [as weeds take over], especially on lighter textured ground,” said Kurtz.

No matter what, a post-emerge application plan is essential. “Stick to the system to protect your top end yield,” he said. The Enlist® system is Federated’s best recommendation; another strong option is Liberty®. Mix in metolachlor and glyphosate (in a tank mix such as Sequence®) for strong residual, and good weed resistance management.

Rescue spraying – that is, when a pre wasn’t applied or the post was applied too late – is “revenge” spraying, said Kurtz. It just doesn’t pay; in fact, it can be up to 3-4 times more expensive to do rescue spraying. “You just ding yourself by doing that,” he said. It takes more chemistries, and it’s harder on the crop.

With pre-emerge plans in place, it’s time to line up post-emerge options and protect yields. Talk to your Federated Agronomist about your specific fields and crop needs.

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