Jan 25, 2021

Making a plan for fertilizer/herbicide spreading and spraying plan is only half the equation. Sharing your plans with Federated will ensure that things add up this spring.

Let Federated know what’s changed and what’s stayed the same on your farm, in addition to communicating your fertilizer and herbicide plans. “If you have not named/labeled your farm(s), contact one of the Federated Agronomists and they will be more than willing to help with this,” said Ryan Peterson, Federated’s custom applicator manager at the Osceola location.

Good information is critical and accurate field data makes Federated’s Surety® field mapping app even more effective. Agronomists use Surety to map and track what’s happening in a given field and they can digitally share field data with growers in real time.

When information is well communicated, “everybody is on the same page when it comes to spraying, spreading, soil sampling, etc.,” Peterson said.

Planning Ahead + Communication = Better Timing & Less Room for Error

Be especially communicative about changes: fields, sensitive areas, neighbors, gardens, anything that might be of concern for applicators. “Nobody likes a surprise,” said Peterson, “especially not in this business.”

Peterson offered this additional reminder: “Don’t plant two different traits in the same field. Keep it simple.” A field with more than one seed type is ripe for error at spraying/spreading time.

“Document what was planted where,” he said. Keep in touch with your Federated Agronomist, and “remember the label is the law.”

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