Plan It: First Pre, then Post

Feb 08, 2022

Early season control_with herbicide
The days are getting longer, and 2022 crop plans should be nearing completion. Once you have your pre-emerge herbicides figured out, it’s time to consider your post-emerge options. In this tight supply market, having multiple options in your tool kit makes good agronomic and economic sense.
Brad Hipsag, Federated agronomy sales rep at the Ogilvie location, recommended two post-emerge herbicides that help control tough weeds in glyphosate-tolerant corn: Halex® GT and Acuron® GT, both of which have the ever-important multiple modes of action.
Halex GT (a Syngenta® product) “is a great post-emerge broadleaf and grass control option for Round-up Ready® corn,” said Hipsag. Halex has three modes of action and long-lasting residual control – which is critical for tough weeds like waterhemp.
Halex GT has three active ingredients: mesotrione (Group 27), s-metolachlor (Group15), and glyphosate (Group 9). It can be safely applied on up to 30-inch corn.
Hipsag recommended adding atrazine (but only for up to 12-inch corn) for even better results: “Spike 0.25-0.5 lb./ac. of atrazine [with the labeled rate of Halex GT of 3.6 pt./ac.].” And, he noted, be sure to add NIS at 1 qt./100 gal. of water, and a water conditioner such as AMS or Array.
Acuron GT is another Syngenta post-emerge herbicide for glyphosate-tolerant corn, especially if giant ragweed is a major concern – “with proven crop safety,” said Hipsag.
Acuron GT has four modes of action with active ingredients mesotrione (Group 27), s-metolachlor (Group 15), glyphosate (Group 9), and biclopyrone (Group 27). The mesotrione and biclopyrone in combination “enhances weed control” on giant ragweed.
Another benefit of Acuron GT is long-lasting residual control, which makes early post-emerge feasible before weeds are 4 inches tall. However, Acuron GT scores high on crop safety and can be sprayed on corn up to 30 inches.
The Acuron use rate is 3.75 pt/ac. – and add NIS at 1 qt./100 gal. of water along with a water conditioner such as AMS or Array.
Hipsag emphasized, with all post-emerge applications, remember that “for the best weed control, apply on weeds 4 inches or less.” And always read and follow label instructions.
Talk to your Federated Agronomist with any questions and make your pre- and post-emerge herbicide plans soon.

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