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Dec 14, 2021

Relocating all seed bins to Ogilvie will further improve efficiency for seed treatment in 2022.
Scott Nelson, who joined Federated as its director of agronomy operations in August, offered his perspectives on Federated’s relationship with its growers.

In 2021, Federated made improvements designed to provide greater efficiency and better customer service for every grower. Several improvements stand out:
  1. All seed tanks have been relocated to Ogilvie to enable seed treatment from one central location.
  2. The fertilizer blending building – also at Ogilvie – was expanded and the blending process was automated.
  3. The conveyor system at the Rush City agronomy center was upgraded for fertilizer load outs.
  4. A new office space was built in Rush City to help efficiency during the busy season. 
While in and of themselves these improvements may not seem overly significant, each upgrade or expansion allows Federated to serve growers better. Greater efficiencies mean faster service during the busiest seasons when time really matters.
Federated is committed to every individual customer. Every. One. We understand our growers have many seed, fertilizer, and chemical options. We also understand the highly competitive ag market. Every decision we make is focused on meeting grower needs. Your needs.
By design, co-ops empower individuals by working together – buying crop inputs, pooling resources, getting better deals – and sharing the profits (Federated’s last patronage payout was a strong 7%). Federated is a resilient, growing co-op and we consistently serve our customers with the “power of one.” Every grower is critical to the co-ops’ success, and we understand that loyalty runs both ways. We sincerely thank you for your commitment to Federated Co-ops.
As the challenges of 2022 lie ahead, and we know there will be some, we want our growers to know that we take your trust in us very seriously. We understand the weight of that responsibility; it’s a big deal.
You can rely on your co-op to provide the products, services, and support you need as we strive to remain competitive, efficient, and trustworthy. Count on us as we count on you!
Merry Christmas to you and your families!

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