No Frost. Early Spring? Ready, set …

Mar 15, 2023

Snow-covered and frost-free fields may lend themselves to an early spring.
“There’s little to absolutely no frost in the fields due to the heavy snow cover,” said Kevin Carlson, Federated’s agronomy sales manager. That means the soil will likely set up relatively quickly this spring. “Even with the snow cover, it could be an earlier than anticipated spring,” he said. Especially if warmer temps prevail.
“Thing have been going well,” he said. Growers are getting their plans established for seed, nutrients, crop protection – and communication. “We need good communication,” Carlson said, to keep things running smoothly in-season.
It’s important to ensure that field maps are up to date, Carlson noted, stressing the importance of accurate field and crop information (again, good communication) when it’s time to apply fertilizer and chemicals.
A “bright spot” from a crop management standpoint: After last year’s dry fall, there’s moisture getting into the soil profile from all the snow on frost-free ground, and that has helped alleviate the drought (“according to the drought monitor,” Carlson said). “A slow melt will further help the moisture levels,” he added.
Crop management begins long before the seed bags hit the shed. It starts now. And, if you have space in your sheds, Carlson urged, “take your seed now – or schedule it for delivery; do that ahead of time.” (Everything gets harder once the spring pace quickens.)
Your Federated Agronomists are ready for whatever the new growing season delivers. Contact them soon. Ready, set …

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