New Soybeans for 2023, and a Few Oldies too.

Oct 24, 2022

CP1522E and CP1121E showed well in the Discovery Plots
It’s not too early to determine your soybean seed choices for 2023. Supply is anticipated to be tight, so early orders are key to getting your first choice.
Brad Hipsag, Federated’s agronomy sales rep out of the Ogilvie location, noted two new soybean products and three “oldies” that remain strong yield producers.
New for 2023:
NK 09-H7E3 – 0.9 maturity bean. This bean offers very good standability with high white mold tolerance as well as strong field tolerance to Phytophthora root rot. It is a “go anywhere type of bean that handles stress very well.”
Legend 09E345N – 0.9 maturity bean. This bean features a high Phytophthora root rot tolerance, a high stress tolerance. It is a “good bean for the stress acre with its Peking soybean cyst nematode (SCN) protection.” Hipsag said this variety has “exciting yield potential …. [but] be careful on acres with white mold history.”
Not new, but well worth considering:
Croplan CP1121E – 1.1 maturity bean. This variety has very good yield performance in both high- and low-yielding environments. It shows up with very good standability and emergence.  However, “watch out on acres with history of brown stem rot (BSR) and white mold,” said Hipsag.
NK 14-W6E3 – This bean is a good option with Peking SCN protection and offers very good yield potential. Hipsag noted this variety was a top performer in the 2021 Discovery Plots; it has very good standability.
Croplan 1522E – 1.5 maturity bean. This bean handles Phytophthora root rot, BSR, and sudden death syndrome very well; place it on fields with history of those diseases. It has an “above average” ability to resist white mold and offers a “big yield punch,” said Hipsag.
Talk to your Federated Agronomist to learn more, and to get soybean orders in early.

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