Mobile Scouting Makes Info Sharing Easier

Jun 12, 2024

Mobile app in use in the field
When Federated Agronomists visit your fields, the first thing they do is log in to FieldAlytics®, the mobile scouting app that helps them keep track of field data. The app is “a tool we can use … we can send you the data … or you can log in to FieldAlytics yourself and see the scouting report,” said Annamarie Zack, ag sales rep for Federated’s Rush City location.
With FieldAlytics, the agronomists can easily share a wealth of field scouting information such as weeds, insects, disease, planting/spraying dates, and more. Data isn’t shared between growers, but the agronomists can compare and contrast what they find in area fields, which is invaluable when it comes to making recommendations for all growers.
The FieldAlytics app is a year-round aid to crop planning and management. In the middle of winter, your Federated Agronomist can pull up the data as you plan for the next season. But for today, it’s a great way to keep track of what’s happening in your fields – and what might need to be done to maximize yields as the season progresses. Talk to your Federated Agronomist about the scouting data from your fields.

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