Maximize Hay with Fall Fertilizer

Aug 09, 2023

alfalfa field
Aside from boosting yields next year, fall-applied fertilizer will give your alfalfa a better chance at withstanding another hard winter.
The best time for fall fertilizer applications is right after third cutting. And if fertilizer wasn’t applied after first cutting this year, “apply heavy” now, said Karson Schoening, Federated ag sales rep out of the Ogilvie location.
“Fall fertilizer needs to be applied early enough so that the plants have time to absorb the nutrients before they go dormant for the winter,” said Schoening.
The average alfalfa crop can remove 50-60 lbs./ac. of phosphorous, and 150-200 lbs./ac. of actual potassium. Well-timed fertilizer applications are critical to ensuring next year’s crop health – and yield.
Your Federated Agronomist is ready to answer questions on alfalfa and hay nutrient management. Give them a call.

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