Map Out Pre-Emerge Plans Now

Jan 10, 2024

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It’s not too early in the year to consider corn pre-emerge herbicides for 2024 fields. Mike Slater, ag sales agronomist for Federated’s Isanti and Osceola locations, stressed the importance of planned pre-emerge applications on both Roundup Ready® and conventional corn acres.
On conventional corn, the weed-control options are limited and thus, pre-emerge applications are critical. On Roundup Ready corn, a two- and sometimes three-pass program minimizes the threat from even the toughest weeds.
At this point in the year, it’s good to sit down with your Federated Agronomist and decide which fields need which products. Determining pre-emerge products now allows Federated time to secure the products for well-timed delivery. Getting on the list early for custom application makes it possible for Federated “to get to the fields on time,” said Slater.
Federated recommends the following pre-emerge products:
  • Acuron® from Syngenta®, a premix of metolachlor, mesotrione, atrazine, and bi-cyclopiron. This is a “top-tier option,” said Slater.
  • Palace™ II, a private label premix of metolachlor and mesotrione.
  • Staunch® II, a private label formulation of SureStart® II by Corteva™.
    • Federated recommends that Palace II and Staunch II be spiked with atrazine (or “plan on a follow-up pass,” said Slater.)
No matter which pre-emerge options you choose, making those choices soon will keep things on track during the extremely hectic days of spring. Call your Federated Agronomist soon.

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