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Apr 24, 2024

custom applicator line drawing
“The more information you can supply to us, the better – and don’t wait until the last minute,” said Ryan Peterson, Federated’s custom applicator manager.
Custom application requires coordination of a wide range of fertilizer and herbicide products, multiple trucks with numerous drivers/applicators, and fields across wide geographies.
Generally speaking, “communicate with me,” said Peterson, “not the applicators.”
However, if something changes between the time you talk to Peterson and when the applicator shows up at your field, by all means, “talk to the applicator”!  (For example, if a neighbor plants their garden the day before the applicator shows up, go tell the applicator!)
“Give us a heads up,” said Peterson, about anything that could affect your application.
As Peterson sat in his office with Jake Loen, one of Federated’s applicators, they were quick to say they “try to be ‘johnny on the spot’ with application and deliveries, but we need early notification” to get things scheduled for everyone.
Contact Peterson (by phone or text only) with your custom application plans and needs.

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The Agronomy team is ready with the services you need, and your timely communication will help us do our best!

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