It’s ‘Go Time’!

Apr 12, 2023

Delivery and spraying routes are mapped out in advance
Spring has been slow coming, but it’s “go time” now!
Take note of these factors, outlined by Scott Nelson, Federated’s agronomy director, that will affect your spring operations. 
  • For custom spread fertilizer:
Call ahead, at least one day before you need the fertilizer to be spread. 
“Every day our applicators leave the yard, the entire day is mapped out to be as efficient as possible. If you have a rush order, call us to see if we can fit it in, but typically we won’t pull a machine off course,” Nelson said. 
  • For pull-type spreader or tender loads:
Federated will deliver these as fast as possible. “Some days we will be able to get it to you quickly, but there will be some days it will take longer,” he said.
Nelson said, “The best way to keep things going smoothly is to communicate your plan well in advance” – with your Federated Agronomist. There’s no better way for Federated to meet your needs, so call, text, or drop in and let us know what you need as early as possible.
And most of all, please be safe this spring. “There is nothing we do that is more important than going home each night to our families,” Nelson said.

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