Implement the Plan

Feb 28, 2023

Good crop planning now helps ensure crop success this season.
The following wrap-up completes the series of articles on farm planning, which focused on three critical areas of crop management: pre-season decision-making, crop protection planning, and fungicide and insecticide options.
If you’re watching the calendar (tho’ not necessarily the weather), you know that spring will be busting out in a little more than five weeks, which means “we are in the timeframe to take care of planning,” said Kevin Carlson, Federated’s agronomy sales manager.

As each of the articles in this series (links above) has noted, “there are big advantages to planning ahead – for growers, and for the co-op, too,” said Carlson. Federated works hard to have products and services available to growers at the right time, in the right place, and for the right price. But, without planning – by growers and the co-op – that can’t happen. The opportunity to pull things together for everyone is now. Before everyone is busy.

Because there is no frost in the ground, when the snow leaves, we could see an early spring,” Carlson said. “Things will go better, smoother, if plans are in place, ready to be executed.” (And as an aside, Carlson noted the lack of frost means the soil is getting a good recharge with all the snow this winter. The soil profile is getting the moisture it needs after a dry autumn.)

Some growers have tentative plans in place at this point. Others are still working on their plans. The Federated agronomy team is working to connect with every grower to finalize seed, determine crop protection needs, and plan possible substitutions in case a product is not available.

“We need to be talking about everything, including things like tar spot,” Carlson said. (The fungus is a relatively new concern in parts of Federated’s service areas.) If the conversations take place now, plan A will be ready to go, and plan B will be in the wings.

Reach out to your Federated Agronomist. “We have about five weeks to get the plans done,” said Carlson. Then, get set to execute!

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