Have You Thought About Seed?

Sep 27, 2022

Seed options for 2023 are worth considering now.
“Even as another year comes to an end, we start looking toward the next growing season,” said Cody Lezer, Federated’s Ogilvie location manager. The combines may be ready to go for 2022 harvest, but your Federated Agronomists are talking about 2023 seed.
Growers received good, geographically specific information on new seed hybrids and varieties at the Discovery Plot events and, as Lezer noted, “new genetics are always something to look forward to; they are better agronomically, have improved disease packages, [and higher] stress tolerances [for] weather, soil types, flex ears.”
Federated is already working to have the right seed options for growers and early orders make that easier. And, Lezer said, “early orders always have the best price point … and availability.”
Some seed varieties have limited production, and therefore limited supply. “Order early,” said Lezer.
Federated plans to carry primarily Enlist® E3 soybeans for 2023. The E3 beans have three traits – glyphosate, glufosinate, and 2-4D – which provide more options next season when deciding on weed and disease chemistry.
Your Federated Agronomist is ready to help you determine which products will work best on your farm based on soil types and crop management styles. Call soon.

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