Sep 13, 2021


It’s never too early to be reminded about harvest safety. Tom Rausch, Federated’s director of safety, already learned of a grain entrapment in Minnesota on Aug. 31, an accident that could have been avoided with proper safety measures. “No one should enter a bin alone. Take all safety precautions, including harnesses and lines,” he said.

Grain bin safety isn’t the only area of concern, Rausch noted. Grain augers have recently hit power lines. Avoiding electrocution is as simple as looking up before raising power equipment to power line heights.

The “human factor,” as this article from the National Ag Safety Database highlights, is key: “It's natural for us to take pride in our ability to work long hours in pursuit of a goal. Nowhere is this more evident than in harvesting operations. However, fatigue, drowsiness and illness frequently contribute to mishaps in the field. Recognize when you have ‘had enough,’ and turn the operation over to someone else.”

Other factors, such as wearing proper shoes and clothing, taking time for breaks, and ensuring equipment is well maintained and operated by trained individuals, will keep everyone safe during harvest.

And remember, age affects balance. Older workers losing their balance on equipment can lead to falls and serious tragedies (like back-over accidents – another important issue when children are in the mix).

For a full list of important factors to consider during harvest, read this article, and don’t hesitate to reach out to Federated’s safety director, too. Take the time to remind yourself of critical farm safety issues. Save a life. Maybe yours.

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