Good Corn Seed Options for 2023

Nov 21, 2022

2022 harvest closes and seed ordering begins
The theme, if you would call it that, in this year’s Discovery Plots was protecting crops from pests and drought, according to Craig Loen, Federated agronomist at the Osceola location. With trait names such as Duracade®, Drought Guard®, Artesian®, Power Core®, and Qrome®, seed producers are focused on incorporating strong genetic traits in their seed products that will protect your crop from a variety of yield reducers.
The sun is setting on the 2022 harvest and the window for seed orders is open. It’s important, said Loen, to “keep an open mind about the new products.” He suggested trying “a planter full of something that looks right for your fields – then you can see firsthand if it will work on your farm.”
While the new varieties tend to be more expensive, they are “worthy of a trial,” Loen said. “Put them beside the variety that’s done the best on your farm to compare the results throughout the growing season.”
Federated has access to six brands of seed, all offering various trait packages: Dekalb®, Legend®, Croplan®, Syngenta®, Brevant®, and Renk. “All of these seed companies have very good seed varieties,” said Loen, both old and new products. “The new genetics and varieties,” he noted, “are improved from older ones.”
“Better agronomics” is the best way to describe the new genetics. The wide seed selection gives you the chance to choose what works best in your particular soils, with your specific fertility levels, under your unique growing conditions. “There is a variety that will fit your farm’s needs,” said Loen, and your crop management style.
“The right seed on the right soil with the right management” will produce the best yields.
Federated is here to help you find the best seed to fit your fields. “Contact your local Federated Agronomist – they have the knowledge to help you make the best seed decisions for your operation,” said Loen.

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