From 25 Years of Sales to 24/7 Fishing

Dec 12, 2022

Bob Marquette retired to his favorite fishing spots
When Bob Marquette walked out the door of Federated’s Ogilvie location on September 16th, he laid down his agronomy sales hat and picked up his fishing rod to begin retirement.
He was “on the lakes this fall until they froze over,” and that’s just what he “intended to do” when he closed out just over 25 years with Federated. He was in agronomy “sales at the beginning and sales at the end.” Marquette said, “I was pretty happy where I was.”

Marquette joined Federated in 1997, when it was still Central Rivers Co-op, after working in the metal finishing business for about 14 years (including a stint in Arizona, but he and his wife preferred their home state of Minnesota and returned within a couple years). He answered an ad in the paper back then, was interviewed by [now retired] Jim Barthel, and went to work in ag sales soon thereafter.
Raised on a small farm “like everyone had back then (125 acres of land, 25 cows to milk, eggs, etc.),” Marquette was no stranger to agriculture, and he fit right in with the growing Federated team. His home is only half a mile from the Albertville location, so it was never much of a commute, and he served 18 years with the local fire department, too.
He attributed his long-time satisfaction with the job to good relationships with local farmers. “They are such nice people to work with … building relationships with them. The selling was easy, and once you get that part down, it’s not a job after that,” he said.
He plans to keep in touch with some of those farmers in his retirement – when he’s not out fishing. He and his wife will also spend a month or so in Florida visiting his son, in the winter of course. Other family will keep them in Minnesota most of the time.
Congratulations on a job well done, Bob Marquette! The agronomy team wishes you a very happy retirement!

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