Fertilize Faster with Custom Application

Nov 07, 2022

post harvest fertilizer applications make spring less hectic
Autumn has been ideal for harvest and field work, but frozen fields aren’t far off. To make spring less hectic, Federated can help with custom fertilizer applications this fall.
With custom fertilizer application, “you have time to do the tillage,” said Don Lamker, Federated ag sales rep for the Ogilvie and Rush City locations. Federated’s application equipment makes quick and easy work of applying potash, DAP, sulfur, and phosphorus (as needed).
Federated has two types of application equipment: spinner spreaders and an air machine (at this point, only Ogilvie offers applications with an air machine).
Each spinner spreader is equipped with one or two bins, and a third “micro bin” if needed, making it possible to do complete applications in one pass. “Each of these spreaders is capable of blending product (in the fall, that is generally potash and DAP), and we might also be doing a bit of sulfur or gypsum,” said Lamker.
“We can apply fertilizer as a blend or, if the field has been grid/zone sampled, we can apply fertilizer at variable rates (VR) as well,” he said. Grid sampling and VR applications make it possible to apply the right fertilizer at the right rate at the right location, which saves time, product, and money while also contributing to sustainable agriculture.
The air machine applicator requires smoother fields than the spinner spreaders; if the booms bounce around too much application won’t be as precise it can be. And its precision is its big draw for those growers who are invested in precision ag crop management.
Federated’s custom application equipment can carry twice the tonnage of fertilizer in one load, boosting their efficiency. But for growers who prefer to apply fertilizer themselves, Federated has a number of 6- to 8-ton spreaders that can be rented to pull behind a tractor.
“The pull-behinds are most available in the fall,” said Lamker. In the spring there is typically a waiting list for the rental units for grower use. And, of course, fall applications make spring less hectic, and once the fertilizer is applied tillage can be done – before the snow flies.
Contact your Federated Agronomist to set up custom application of fall fertilizer. Get it applied quickly and cost-effectively.

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