Farm Planning Step 2: Crop Protection

Jan 24, 2023

Crop protection plans need to include a plan A, plan B, and a plan C
This is the second in a series of articles on farm planning focused on three critical areas of crop management: 1) pre-season decision-making (see article here), 2) crop protection choices, 3) fungicide and insecticide options.
“Nobody likes messy and weedy fields, and the first step in making sure that doesn’t happen is starting with a plan,” said Mike Slater, Federated ag sales rep in Isanti. And, truth be told, you might need a plan A and a plan B, and plan C – “because you never know what kind of spring or summer Mother Nature is going to deal you,” he added.
Soybeans require a solid pre-emerge application followed by a good post-emerge pass. Add another layered residual to that for a “rockstar program,” said Slater.
And if rain or other delays prevent pre-emerge applications, an early post program can fill the gap, followed by the originally planned post application, Slater described.
On corn, “we want to spray all conventional varieties early with a pre,” he said, so “we start clean and stay clean.” With Roundup Ready® varieties there are additional options – especially for “those tougher giant ragweed acres.’,” he added. (See related video.)
The key to planning for crop protection is communication. Your Federated Agronomist needs to know what’s in your fields. Are the soybeans Roundup Ready® 2, Xtendflex®, Liberty Link® GT27®, or Enlist®? Is the corn conventional or Roundup Ready?
Without that information, corn might end up dead like the weeds! Keep good records of what is planted where, and let Federated know of any changes along the way.
Federated’s fleet of custom application equipment is at the ready to meet grower’s needs, but we need to know what’s happening in the fields. “We want an early heads up on pre’s,” said Slater. “We have some of the most modern sprayers and skilled applicators, but still takes time to cover acres in our territory and smaller fields,” he said. So, keep in touch!
Finally, as plans come together for crop protection here are a few reminders:
  • All customers must have a new, annually signed Product Service Policy (PSP) on file with Federated prior to any custom application.
  • Federated does not spray dicamba products.
  • Supply may not be quite as tight as last year, but early planning is the best way to ensure products will be on hand when needed.
Fighting weeds is a battle, but “it’s also a lot easier for us to sit down and create the plan now [rather than] during the heat of the battle this spring,” said Slater. Call your Federated Agronomist soon.

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