Fall is Coming and the Hay Needs Nourishment

Aug 22, 2022

Apply fall fertilizer soon after third cutting
Autumn is fast approaching, and hay fields are looking for nourishment. Fall fertilizer applications need to be “early enough for plants to have time to absorb the nutrients before they go dormant for the winter,” said Karson Schoening, Federated ag sales rep at the Albertville location.
Hay needs a good dose of fertilizer after third cutting: 300-400 lbs/.ac. – on the higher side if no fertilizer was applied after first cutting.
Don’t go long into fall before applying the nutrients your hay needs for next season. Federated has good availability of potash and DAP and some gypsoil to meet your needs. Talk to your Federated Agronomist to place your order or schedule custom application.


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Sep 27,2022
Fall fertilizer is like doing the Hokey Pokey: What you get out is relative to what you put in.
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