Fall Fertilizer for the Win

Sep 27, 2023

Apply fall fertilizer right after the combine leaves the field and before tillage.
There’s no loser when it comes to fall fertilizer applications. Growers win with more time to focus on spring planting. Crops win with improved nutrient availability. Applicators win as the spring crunch for other crop inputs goes wild. And, fertilizer pricing for DAP and potash is often better in the fall.
“We want to be applying fertilizer right behind the combine – before tillage takes place,” said Kevin Carlson, Federated’s agronomy sales manager. A simple phone call when the combine leaves the field will either get custom applicators or fertilizer delivery on the way.
Whether you hire Federated or do it yourself, “Fall is the best time to apply fertilizer,” said Carlson.
Fall fertilizer includes phosphate, potash, and sulfur. These nutrients serve the coming crop best when they’ve had time to work through the soil: K will disassociate from the chloride; phosphate will move into solution, loosely held by the soil; sulfur will also break down. (Federated recommends slow-release sulfur products such as SO4 gypsum.)
Make plans now and discuss them with your Federated Agronomist before harvest begins.
Ready for precision ag? Consider variable rate (VR) fertilizer applications using the latest technologies, including “intense soil sampling,” said Carlson.
VR fertilization is part of Federated’s “highest level of service,” and it’s an investment that pays off with greater returns on crop input investments. “Every field has a different story, a different opportunity,” said Carlson, but with grid sampling and VR applications there’s a good return on investment that is captured by the yield monitor.
Talk to your Federated Agronomist soon if precision ag and fall VR fertilizer are on your agenda.

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