Discovery Plot Tours Underway Today Thru Friday

Aug 21, 2023

See the latest corn hybrids at Discovery Plot tour
Plot tours begin this morning and continue through Friday (Aug. 21-25) at various locations around the Federated service area. Don’t miss your chance to get the latest updates on new products, current issues, and ag trends. See for yourself what lies ahead.
This year’s events focus on the following topics:
  • hybrids and varieties for 2024;
  • fertilizer supply and pricing for this fall and next spring;
  • herbicide supply going into 2024;
  • crop financing options for next year; and
  • information on sulfur and nitrogen requirements in crops.
Note these changes for this year:
  • The Osceola (today) and Albertville (Friday) events will not include actual plot tours due to adverse effects of this year’s drought. Note the location changes below for these two events, which will include presentations and discussions on key topics, followed by the usual lunch.
  • The Rush City event provides an evening option for those who have daytime commitments. Join the tour at 5 p.m. at KGL Farm in Harris for informative presentations and an evening tour of the plots, following by dinner.
Please RSVP to your Federated Agronomist.
Mon., Aug. 21 - 10 a.m. - Osceola - Gator Site (Farmington ball fields/pavilion)
Tues., Aug. 22 - 10 a.m. - Isanti - Paul Bostrom Farm
Wed., Aug. 23 - 10 a.m. - Ogilvie - Larry Wilhelm Farm
Thurs., Aug. 24 - 5 p.m.* - Rush City - KGL Farm (Jason Holmstrom’s, in Harris) *Evening event!
Fri., Aug. 25 - 10 a.m. - Albertville - Albertville City Hall

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