Corn Discovery Plots Harvested and Tallied

Nov 29, 2023

2023 Corn Discovery Plot
Federated Co-ops’ Corn Discovery Plot harvest was completed prior to the soybean plot harvest, thanks to early good weather. The overall results – like the soybeans – were generally better than anyone expected in a very dry year.
The drought took its toll on corn in sandy soils, such as that west of Isanti, and some of those growers will be filing crop insurance claims. However, the majority of Federated’s growers saw yields that were a bit surprising, given the few and/or late rains of summer 2023.
Ultimately, though, the Discovery Plots (DP) revealed genetics that are worth a serious look – hybrids that outperformed their predecessors and competitors under drought conditions. Take a look by downloading the Discovery Plot Corn Data:
Wilhelm Farm/Princeton
KGL Farms/Harris
Gustafson Farm/Osceola
Bostrom Farm/Isanti
Conventional Corn Plot/Almelund (not in DP tours)
Schafer Farm/Foreston (not in DP tours)
Gerth Farms (Dekalb®/Bayer® Seed Market Development)
Answer Plot® (by Winfield United®)
Talk to your Federated Agronomist with any questions about the Corn Discovery Plot results – and to order seed for 2024 based on those results! Check out this video to learn about 2024 recommendations.

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