Communicate on Time for Soybean Custom Application

Apr 24, 2024

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The timing of custom application is a challenge your co-op takes seriously, and the best way to get your soybean herbicide applications done on time is to communicate clearly and often.
“We can do the best job and be most timely with custom applications if you can tell us when you are planting soybeans, instead of when you are done planting,” said Brad Hipsag, ag sales rep from the Ogilvie location.
Communicating with Federated as the beans go in the ground is the most efficient way to get applicators to your fields quickly.  
“If you wait to talk to us until after you finish [planting] 200 hundred acres over a couple days, our spray window is much smaller on the first planted acres,” he said. Most pre-emerge herbicides have a strict three-day window after planting to get the chemical on the ground.
“Any exposure to the pre-emerge herbicide could kill the beans, even if they are just barely cracking the soil.” Pre-emerge herbicides need to be applied before anything pokes through the soil.
“If Federated is custom applying your pre-emerge herbicide, it is extremely important to be in communication with your Federated Agronomists” said Hipsag.

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The Agronomy team is ready with the services you need, and your timely communication will help us do our best!

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