Boost Plant Health with USA500

Mar 29, 2023

Boost corn growth with USA500 added to liquid starter fertilizer
Starter fertilizers give young corn plants a boost from day one. Adding USA500 to your starters gives those crops an even bigger boost toward their yield potential.
Federated recommends USA500, a universal starter additive, for its blend of micro and macro nutrients, including 6% added zinc (an often overlooked, but essential, micronutrient).
USA500 “enhances and protects nutritional components of applied starter fertilizers” (see fact sheet). Karson Schoening, Federated agronomy sales rep, said it includes “an additive that protects phosphorus by binding to the molecules, [which] prevents the phosphorus molecules from bonding to soil cation and becoming unavailable to the plant.”
East-central Minnesota and western Wisconsin springs are notorious for being cool. USA500 helps young plants withstand those conditions while protecting your fertilizer investment. Add USA to your liquid fertilizers (10-34-0 or 6-24-6).
“USA500 leads to stronger and healthier plants,” said Schoening. Plants green up more quickly and roots get healthier as the starter fertilizer and USA500 get to work. Apply USA500 at a rate of 48 oz./ac.
Talk to your Federated Agronomist to learn more, and set your corn crop on its way to better yields.

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