'Biostimulant Actives' Prompt Plant Growth

May 24, 2023

Biostimulants with Yield Burst Technology can enhance crop growth.
Yield Burst™ Technology can enhance growth and increase yields. Federated Agronomists recommend this technology and its “biostimulant actives,” including amino acids, as part of a strong crop management plan. 
The Yield Burst biostimulant actives include: specific L-amino acids, L-amino acid blends, organic acids, dicarboxcylic acids, vitamins, and more. These actives can be tank mixed with herbicides and/or nutrients for in-furrow, side dress, or foliar applications.
This technology is available through three different products to protect plants and prompt their growth:
  • Enliven™, an adjuvant with water softening and anti-foaming agents, improves crop potential with more nodes, thicker stems, and a better root structure. It is like adding “fuel” to the plant.
Enliven also reduces drift and maximizes canopy penetration. It is an “efficient surfactant package that improves uptake of applied pesticides,” said Anna Zack, Federated ag sales rep for the Ogilvie location.
  • Mitigate™ Plus, which can be tanked mixed with foliar applications and/or post-emerge herbicides, triggers the plant’s natural abilities to minimize stress while giving energy to the plant. Mitigate increases enzymatic activity to improve plant efficiency and yields.
Mitigate also “protects and repairs plant before, during and/or after a stress event such as a herbicide application. It takes away the so-called plant hangover,” said Zack.
  • Legend™ Elite maximizes nutrient absorption and availability to the plant while also improving plant health. It is “full of nutrients and crop enhancement … to increase yield,” said Zack. It provides ready-to-use energy with key nutrients for crop growth.
Talk to your Federated Agronomist to discuss how biostimulants can help your crops this year.

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