Jul 22, 2021

“It’s time to start thinking about 2022 seed needs,” said Craig Loen, Federated agronomist at the Osceola location. “2021 has, so far, been a challenging year; mother nature has been hard on most of our territory,” he said. But this year’s challenges open doors to next year’s opportunities, and there are many new genetics and varieties to consider for the 2022 growing season.

Discovery Plot Days in late August will give growers a chance to see these new seed products up close. At the tours, Federated Agronomists and product reps will provide specific information about these products.

Here’s a quick look at products on the near horizon:

From Bayer®:

  • - Five new ExtendFlex® soybeans in MN and WI maturity (XF2), a new, higher yielding generation in a better agronomic package.
  • - Six new corn varieties under 100-day RM, along with a New Roundup® Hybridization System (RHS) and a new Breeding Program 3.0 – new products that will “ring the bell.”

From Syngenta® (NK Seed):

  • - Four new corn varieties with Duracade®.
  • - Eight new ExtendFlex® varieties (Syngenta genetics) exclusive to NK, five new Enlist E3® varieties (mostly Syngenta genetics), all with better agronomic packages.

From Legend®:

  • - Impact soybeans, five new ExtendFlex® soybeans, four new Enlist E3® varieties.
  • - Both Legend and Mustang corn; five new varieties—85-100-day RM; one new silage corn, leafy/floury variety—103-day (LNG).

From Croplan®:

  • - New alfalfa varieties this fall (2021). AA: "awesome alfalfa.” AA actually stands for two alfalfa diseases, Anthracnose and Aphanomyces; the new AA varieties have high resistance to these two diseases.
  • - A “robust lineup” of ExtendFlex® and Enlist with better agronomics.

From Renk Seed:

  • - Five new corn hybrids in the RM range of 89-102-day; two new varieties with new traits.
  • - Six new Genesis Enlist E3® brands and two new ExtendFlex® varieties.
  • - Quickgold alfalfa, a new variety.

From Brevant™:

  • - Many new options in both corn and soybeans, including BMR silage specific options.

Loen said, “Please plan to attend your local Discovery Plot Days . . . and ‘touch and feel’ some of these new product options.”

Talk to your Federated Agronomist with any questions.

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