Are Spider Mites Coming to Your Fields?

Aug 08, 2022

Stippling on soybean leaves is clear evidence of spider mites.
Though “we haven’t seen insect outbreaks of any significance yet this year,” said Kevin Carlson, Federated’s agronomy sales manager, “the hot and dry weather is exactly what the spider mites like.” (Translation: We need rain.)
Thus, watching for spider mites (and aphids too) is imperative in the month of August. “Be concerned with that,” said Carlson, noting that stippling will be the obvious sign of a problem.
Watch this video for more information on what to look for when scouting for spider mites, and read this article from the U of MN Extension Service that provides insight into treatment thresholds for both spider mites and aphids.
Your Federated Agronomist is ready to help with insecticide/miticide options if the pests find their way into your fields. Make your plans now, before you need to act. And maybe do a little rain dance to keep the pests at bay.

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