Jun 14, 2021

In the yield-protecting fight against the toughest weeds, Federated recommends Plexus II and Array adjuvants to help improve the performance of post-emerge herbicides. (Read this hot weather-related bulletin, too.)

Plexus II is approved for use with dicamba technologies. It:

  • offers more activity per unit of product;
  • reduces drift (and related fines);
  • increases retention, wetting, spreading and pesticide coupling;
  • increases penetration at the cuticular and cellular level.

Array is a “target performance adjuvant that:

  • increases deposition, retention, and performance;
  • reduces antagonism in the spray tank to get herbicides on target;
  • creates larger spray droplets to penetrate dense canopies;
  • decreases surface tension.

Talk to your Federated Agronomist for further information. Read this news bulletin on hot weather and adjuvants.

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