A Mid-Season Review from Federated's Director of Agronomy

Jul 11, 2023

aerial view of near tasseling corn field
It’s been another tough supply year, and while there has been some easing of supply pressure for crop protection products, Federated had to purchase early and store chemical for our patrons to ensure supply. Some of these products were purchased and stored for almost a year!
Fertilizer had its own challenges this spring as the supply arriving via the river got scarce due to low volumes available from the suppliers.
And there were river water level issues: First the river level was so high (thanks to record snowfall) that suppliers couldn’t unload barges because they were sitting too high on the water. Then the river leveled off – and the spigot was turned off (no rain) such that river levels dropped and barges couldn’t reach the Twin Cities.
There were stretches this spring/summer where there was no fertilizer to buy in the Twin Cities and barges were sitting down south waiting for river dredging so they could complete their trips north.
While Federated deals with challenges like these each year, we are proud to say that our patrons do not have to worry about any of these supply concerns.
Federated’s consistent and ongoing investment into fertilizer plants and equipment continues to pay off. It takes a lot of money to buy the fertilizer in advance and maintain the facilities needed to store it, but we have successfully managed the process for your benefit.
Since we do not (or cannot) count on the river to keep everyone going in the spring, you can feel comfortable (and confident) with your fertilizer purchases from Federated. We start each year with the majority of our fertilizer in our plants or somewhere on the ground in Minnesota. 
Thank you to all our patrons. The trust and loyalty you have placed in us is the reason we can both be successful.

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